In the past years, Powin Info-Tech has quickly and accurately responded to the unique needs of the PC and POS markets. Powin has successfully developed a series of competitive products, which includes all-in-one PC, POS and Kiosk. With our extensive knowledge of the PC and POS industry, recently we had expanded our product lines into a broad spectrum of IT products---PDA, Web Pad, Monitor, and Dual LCD Notebook.

GSiM High Performance Memory Card


GSiMedia’s Multi-Media Digital Content Security Mechanism utilizes the SD cards as the core protected, and then develops players, the EC system, and the Cloud Streaming System. Therefore SD cards are the fundamental digital content carriers. In future, SD memory cards must be the mainstream. In addition,

GSiSafe can protect personal photos and documents.

It must be the basic must-Sell SD cards.


GSiM Flash Hard Drive

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